5 Freightening Reasons Not to Leak an Ex Girlfriend’s Selfies

Revenge porn is a sickening trend that has exploded over the last few years, and it’s pretty easy to find pictures of nude or semi-nude girls on the internet, pics that they’d sent to their boyfriends with the idea that they’d keep them to themselves. Guys leak ex girlfriends’ pics onto the internet and social media all the time, and it’s a destructive violation of those girls’ privacy.

The guy gets nothing out of it, really, and it’s something that can do a lot of damage to one’s reputation, even your future. Leaking ex girlfriends’ selfies is a trend that needs to stop, and to help coerce this, here are five frightening reasons not to leak ex girlfriends’ selfies.

/1/ Revenge Is A Cold-Hearted, Dirty Wench

It’s no secret that girls can get pretty nasty when it comes to revenge; imagine what your ex would do if you leaked any selfies she’d sent over the years (or months). Chances are she’d up the ante and leak a nude you sent along with a humiliating caption, describing your horrible bed game and any insecurities you may have – basically, she’s gonna go ape sh*t if you leak any selfies or nudes.

When you leak your ex’s selfies, one thing you’ve done is get tons of guys to drool over her and want to sleep with her, something that you’ll come to regret when she’s ‘hanging out’ with someone new. Not only will she get your much worse than you got her, but she could very well end up with a new boyfriend because of it; good job, bro, I’m sure that was the original plan.

Ex girlfriend revenge will hit you hard, so do yourself a big favor and delete those selfies.

/2/ You’ll Look Like A Douche To All Women

When you leak your ex’s selfies and other suggestive or even nude pics, you’re showing all the women in the world that you have zero respect for women and don’t care about anyone besides yourself. If your mom finds out about it, even she will be pissed off at you, and you should always want mom to be on your side.

By leaking someone’s selfies and even their nudes, you’re saying to them that you have no concern for their privacy and their reputation; when you leak someone’s selfies, you can do a considerable amount of damage to their lives, and do you know how hard it is to remove pics from the freakin’ internet? It’s ridiculously hard, and sometimes those selfies will never come down for good.

Even if you’re really a douchebag through and through, keep that inside of you and don’t let it affect how you treat women. You came from a woman, so you should have the upmost respect for all of them, no matter what one of them may or may not have done to you.


If you leak your ex’s selfies, you’re not only making the rest of us guys look bad, but you’re going to be that guy that leaked his ex’s selfies to the people who know you. If you don’t want something like this to define you, simply don’t do it.

/3/ When You’re Older, You’ll Regret It, And She’ll Still Hate You

We’ve all got things we regret, and I know I wince when I’m painfully reminded of some of them now, but imagine what it’ll feel like further down the road. Let’s say you got piss drunk one night (I mean, more piss drunk than usual) and posted your ex’s selfies to the internet; you may laugh at it during the moment, but the next morning you may come to regret it big time, and you’ll regret it just as much when many moons and years have gone by.

How terrible, how gutless of an act is that, to leak pics that your ex sent to you with the thought in mind that you would forever keep them to yourself. When you’re older, have a wife (maybe) and maybe even a daughter or two, you’re going to realize how stupid you were, how disrespectful you were to women; now you know, but it’s far too late and the damage has already been done and formed a scar, one you don’t have to carry around every day of your life.

If you ever do such a thing and look back on it, you’ll feel the sting of regret and when you think about her and what she may be doing, she’ll have long forgotten you in a way, but yeah, she still hates you. She does have a pretty good point, though.

/4/ No One Will Date You, Let Alone Hookup

Word will get round very quickly once you do it. Leaked selfies and nudes create headlines, and surely word will spread quickly in your area, and before long everyone will know what you did.


When that happens, you’re basically put on the blacklist for Guys Who Won’t Be Getting Laid Any Time Soon. Girls will soon find out who you are and what you look like, and completely avoid you, scrapping any chances of you having (free, consensual) sex in this millennium.

Girls stand by each other in hard times like these, and when you leak your ex girlfriend’s selfies, girls will soon be more rare to you than Mewtwo.

/5/ You Could Seriously Ruin Her Life

When you leak your ex’s selfies, you’re basically taking her life, her future, into your hands and throwing it away. This leak will cause her so much pain, so much grief and create so many problems for her that she simply didn’t deserve; I don’t care if she cheated on you, leaking her selfies is not okay.

By having your selfies or even nudes plastered all over the immortal walls of the internet, your security is at risk, and all because someone lost control for a few moments and decided it’s fair to upload another person’s private pictures that they were entrusted with. How do you think she feels walking out into the world each day, potentially facing people who have seen the selfies, seen the nudes, who may think poorly of her, like maybe she deserved it.

What does leaking her selfies get you? Nothing.

What does leaking her selfies cause her? You don’t want to know.
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