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You Need To See These Hilariously Bad Kik Nudes

If you’re on Kik or any social platform where horny dudes can send you messages, then I’m sure you’ve dealt with men unashamedly sending you dick pics and trying to sext or actually hook up. While sometimes, when we’re in the mood and talking to the right person, sexting can be a fun, hot way of masturbation. But, sadly, a very small percentage of these conversations go that way.
Usually, the guy will send a less than flattering image of his dick, without warning, and say something like “Let’s fuck? ;)” to which you would respond no to. Or just block him and not even respond at all.
If you’re planning on trying to start sexting a girl, or potentially hook up with her, then you need to avoid being that type of dude I just described.
Bad nudes and sexting fails make for funny examples though, so here I am going to show you a few hilariously bad Kik nudes and fails.
1. Udderly Embarrassing

Credit: Smosh
This guy must not be a man of many words, given the only three he sent were “Hey,” and “Show tits.” What you say is what you get, and this girl decided o respond by showing him some tits, cow tits that is.
2. Taking A Shit

I don’t know what made this guy think, “Hey, if I ask a girl to send me a picture of her ass so that I can rate in on a scale of one to ten, that’ll make her send it to me, right?”
Well, he was almost right — this girl did send a picture of her ass, but it was her ass sitting on a toilet taking a shit. Just the sexy pic he was looking for!
3. Can You Not?

A great opening line “I wanna fucking dominate you” by this gentleman got him a curve of “Can you not?”
But really, he shouldn’t have.
If you go look at the original post, you’ll see that he continued to tell her to “take a compliment,” as if her reaction was unnecessary. If you want to sext a girl, don’t ever say something like that or you’ll get yourself blocked, plus, you’re just an asshole.
4. Corgi

Credit: ViralPie
Girls even get trolled sometimes! You might think that any girl who messages a guy asking for nudes or sex will have no trouble getting it, but sometimes this happens.
This girl was hoping to receive a nude of this dude’s dick, but instead, he sent a very sensual image of a corgi being released from a banana peel.

This is All You Have to Do to Start Dating Teens [EASY]

Whether you’re younger, middle-aged, or even older gentlemen, you’ll find yourself succeeding in the teen dating game using these simple methods to get yourself involved.

  • Choose Your Plan of Attack

    If you want to see results, then you’re going to need to take a few things into consideration when hitting on these girls. Think about how old you are, how attractive you are, and your annual income.

    I mean, obviously, women care about more than that, but these aren’t experienced older women who know what they want. They’re a younger crowd who is searching for what they want because they’re not really sure yet. And who knows… It could be you.

    Some girls on teen dating sites are looking for an experienced older man in his late 20’s to mid 30’s who will be able to show them a good time and maybe buy them a few gifts here and there. There’s nothing wrong with the spirit of giving, now is there?

  • Dating Apps

    Dating apps have taken over the world of casual hookups and can even sometimes help you find a cute girlfriend to drive around town. The best part about dating apps are the way you can set your distance however far you’d like.

    Believe it or not, you can also set an age meter. This allows teen girls who are about to start college to search for a man who has his bearings. Most college-aged kids struggle with money quite a bit so it’s common for cute girls to set their Viewing distance high along with their age range.

    Sometimes 19-year-old girls will be looking for a man to keep the company in exchange for gifts but sometimes they’re just into older men to cherish. Either way, you’re winning.

  • Designing Your App Profile

    Having a solid profile is essential when looking for a hot young dame. If your profile picture is just a photo of you, holding up your sweet ninja weapon collection, you will NOT get dates with cuties on these sites. Go for something more casual and… well, cool.

    Being cool doesn’t always mean coming off as a dick either. Make your profile a wholesome place that has the potential to get unholy. Young girls like dangerous guys who don’t put all their cards on the table, so try to remain a mystery for as long as you can – before she messages you that is.

    Post around three pictures of yourself, one or two of them with some of your friends in the middle. At the same time though – Don’t make it a chore to find out which one is you.

    You’ll encounter this problem on most dating sites yourself. In my opinion, girls who make it a mystery which girl is them in the photos are most likely not very confident with how they look… I’m sure you could figure the rest out from there.

    Lastly just send her(s) a Bumble message just saying hello. Don’t verbally bombard these girls with questions unless it seems like that’s exactly what they want you to do that that moment.

7 Unforgettable Moments in Snapchat History

Snapchat was created in the fall of 2011, and a few tense, laborious months later in the spring of 2012, Snapchat had amassed over 100,00 downloads. The app struggled to get off the ground, but when it did, it soared, and now it’s an app that over 100 million people use daily.

Snapchat has had a tough history, between it’s CEO Evan Spiegel having a poor relationship with his buddy Reggie White, the guy who actually came up with the idea that spawned Snapchat, and the email leak that he was a victim of, and that sure didn’t help his reputation. That being said, the app itself is awesome and has had a very successful life, and hundreds of millions of selfies and videos are taken on the app every day.

With that many selfies being posted, you’re bound to see some really good ones that stand out from the pack, and there are plenty of lists around the internet going over funny or crazy snapchats, but this one is different; here, you’re viewing 7 unforgettable moments in Snapchat selfies history. If you want to take a viral selfie or one that all of your friends will enjoy, look to these selfies for inspiration, as they are very memorable.

/1/ Rihanna Showing Off Her Movements

Whenever Rihanna does something, everyone watches closely, as RiRi has proven to be more than worth our attention, for a variety of reasons. Things are no different when she’s on Snapchat, and this selfie was immensely popular when she first posted it back when Snapchat was still on the cusp of being huge, and it no doubt brought some new people to the new social network.

Taking inspiration from the “Sitting on the toilet” lady, Rihanna felt like sharing her private moment with us all, captioning her snap “sittin on tha toilet”. It was one of her first forays into Snapchat, and it might have had an impact on Snapchat’s overall success.

/2/ Oh, Deer

Around 1 million deer per year wander in front of swiftly moving vehicles, and just about all of them fail to survive the impact. This poor fellow met a fate similar to many of its brethren, only it’s funeral was rather respectful, as it was given a balloon that read “Get Well”.

A little late, but it’s the thought that counts.

/3/ The Guy Who Was Painfully Aware Of How He Looks

One of the most unforgettable Snapchat selfies ever, this guy was aware that from his appearance alone, the TSA guy behind him would probably give him a second look, yet he still took it in stride and was able to make light of himself and stereotypes people may apply to him. He could have gotten mad at the guy, but nope, instead he felt like making a silly joke, one that surely brought a smile to anyone who’s seen this selfie.

With a smile and a funny caption, this traveler’s selfie created an unforgettable moment, something that is easier said than done.

/4/ Don’t Get Crabby

DJ Khaled is a force to be reckoned with on Snapchat, and his snaps and selfies can inspire even the least motivated people. He takes videos and selfies all day long, and you won’t want to skip a single one; don’t play yourself, and let the his Story run it’s course.

A lot of his messages are repeated over and over again, as he wants to instill some of the greatest keys to life that he’s discovered, but at times he will stray from motivation and just post a selfie, put this snap of a monstrously huge crab is unforgettable and stands out among his motivational videos. This crab is major key, an animal that seems like it can kill off the entire human race with a snap of it’s freakish claws.

DJ Khaled is not scared though, as he got pretty close to this crustacean, and rather than get freaked out by it’s size, this crab reminded Khaled of all the lames in his life, captioning the snap with “Some of y’all crabs”. That’s right, some of y’all are crabs.

/5/ Keeping It 100

DJ Khaled reminds us frequently not to play ourselves, but this Snapchatter played us all. At first it seemed like this young man had finally got his first whip to wheel around in, but just moments later we found out that he was in fact riding on a bus, and had simply used the seat back in front of him and some framing techniques to make it seem like he was actually behind the wheel.

This hilarious selfie is unforgettable, yet still reminds us not to forget where we are right now. Remember, don’t play yourself.

/6/ A True Duck Face Selfie

Snapchat’s new face swap capability is a rather creepy/hilarious tool, and this selfie is no exception. This woman discovered the the extent to which Snapchat can go in terms of face swapping, as she managed to get a plush toy duck’s face to swap with hers, creating a funny yet terrifying selfie that is entirely unforgettable.

Like for real, this selfie could haunt you in your dreams.

/7/ That One Time A Cat Took A Selfie

Cats don’t care about anyone except for themselves, despite what many cat lovers may believe, which is why this selfie is so memorable. It appears that this cat is taking a selfie of itself and it’s friends, two women who are presumably mom and daughter.

Cats are supposed to hate us all and want to clean the earth by getting rid of all the humans, which is why this selfie is so unforgettable; apparently, this cat really does love it’s ‘friends’. If there will ever be peace talks between humans and cats, this may be what started the global change.

Hundreds of millions of selfies are taken on Snapchat every day, are without a doubt, most of them are completely forgettable. There are some, though, that are brilliant and totally unforgettable, and we’ve managed to capture a few of them and compile them into a short list. As Snapchat grows and more people join the app, surely more and more selfies will be truly unforgettable.

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