Get to Know Me

Hello there everyone reading this! My name is Frank and I have been a photographer since I was about 15 years old and you guys don’t want to know how long ago that was and I also don’t want to write it down because then I’m going shed a tear! Anyways, my favorite photography has always been black and white because I find it so much more raw. Colored pictures reminds me of what we have done to everything that used to be so simple and pure. Back in the day when black and white was the only option, life was much more simpler in many ways. I have always been an old soul and when I say old soul I mean a soul from the 40’s. I love expressing myself through my photography and every so often I’m in front of the camera too! When I’m not taking pictures, I am designing clothes or drawing portraits of people and objects. I can thank my dad for his artistic skills that I am able to use in different forms. I am very blessed and so very thankful for this life that was given to me. Thank you guys for reading!