You Need To See These Hilariously Bad Kik Nudes

If you’re on Kik or any social platform where horny dudes can send you messages, then I’m sure you’ve dealt with men unashamedly sending you dick pics and trying to sext or actually hook up. While sometimes, when we’re in the mood and talking to the right person, sexting can be a fun, hot way of masturbation. But, sadly, a very small percentage of these conversations go that way.
Usually, the guy will send a less than flattering image of his dick, without warning, and say something like “Let’s fuck? ;)” to which you would respond no to. Or just block him and not even respond at all.
If you’re planning on trying to start sexting a girl, or potentially hook up with her, then you need to avoid being that type of dude I just described.
Bad nudes and sexting fails make for funny examples though, so here I am going to show you a few hilariously bad Kik nudes and fails.
1. Udderly Embarrassing

Credit: Smosh
This guy must not be a man of many words, given the only three he sent were “Hey,” and “Show tits.” What you say is what you get, and this girl decided o respond by showing him some tits, cow tits that is.
2. Taking A Shit

Credit: dirnkt0forget.tumblr.com
I don’t know what made this guy think, “Hey, if I ask a girl to send me a picture of her ass so that I can rate in on a scale of one to ten, that’ll make her send it to me, right?”
Well, he was almost right — this girl did send a picture of her ass, but it was her ass sitting on a toilet taking a shit. Just the sexy pic he was looking for!
3. Can You Not?

Credit: medusa-grove.tumblr.com
A great opening line “I wanna fucking dominate you” by this gentleman got him a curve of “Can you not?”
But really, he shouldn’t have.
If you go look at the original post, you’ll see that he continued to tell her to “take a compliment,” as if her reaction was unnecessary. If you want to sext a girl, don’t ever say something like that or you’ll get yourself blocked, plus, you’re just an asshole.
4. Corgi

Credit: ViralPie
Girls even get trolled sometimes! You might think that any girl who messages a guy asking for nudes or sex will have no trouble getting it, but sometimes this happens.
This girl was hoping to receive a nude of this dude’s dick, but instead, he sent a very sensual image of a corgi being released from a banana peel.