This is All You Have to Do to Start Dating Teens [EASY]

Whether you’re younger, middle-aged, or even older gentlemen, you’ll find yourself succeeding in the teen dating game using these simple methods to get yourself involved.

  • Choose Your Plan of Attack

    If you want to see results, then you’re going to need to take a few things into consideration when hitting on these girls. Think about how old you are, how attractive you are, and your annual income.

    I mean, obviously, women care about more than that, but these aren’t experienced older women who know what they want. They’re a younger crowd who is searching for what they want because they’re not really sure yet. And who knows… It could be you.

    Some girls on teen dating sites are looking for an experienced older man in his late 20’s to mid 30’s who will be able to show them a good time and maybe buy them a few gifts here and there. There’s nothing wrong with the spirit of giving, now is there?

  • Dating Apps

    Dating apps have taken over the world of casual hookups and can even sometimes help you find a cute girlfriend to drive around town. The best part about dating apps are the way you can set your distance however far you’d like.

    Believe it or not, you can also set an age meter. This allows teen girls who are about to start college to search for a man who has his bearings. Most college-aged kids struggle with money quite a bit so it’s common for cute girls to set their Viewing distance high along with their age range.

    Sometimes 19-year-old girls will be looking for a man to keep the company in exchange for gifts but sometimes they’re just into older men to cherish. Either way, you’re winning.

  • Designing Your App Profile

    Having a solid profile is essential when looking for a hot young dame. If your profile picture is just a photo of you, holding up your sweet ninja weapon collection, you will NOT get dates with cuties on these sites. Go for something more casual and… well, cool.

    Being cool doesn’t always mean coming off as a dick either. Make your profile a wholesome place that has the potential to get unholy. Young girls like dangerous guys who don’t put all their cards on the table, so try to remain a mystery for as long as you can – before she messages you that is.

    Post around three pictures of yourself, one or two of them with some of your friends in the middle. At the same time though – Don’t make it a chore to find out which one is you.

    You’ll encounter this problem on most dating sites yourself. In my opinion, girls who make it a mystery which girl is them in the photos are most likely not very confident with how they look… I’m sure you could figure the rest out from there.

    Lastly just send her(s) a Bumble message just saying hello. Don’t verbally bombard these girls with questions unless it seems like that’s exactly what they want you to do that that moment.